Better Chances at Video Poker – Online Casino Tips

Video Poker has long been a very popular online casino game due to the simple fact that players have more control over the result compared to other online casino games. While other casino games tend to pit you in a battle against the house equipped with nothing but your luck, in video poker, you will actually be able to apply certain strategies in order to gain a better shot at winning. OF course, if you are just charging blindly, you will eventually end up with losses.


Game Mechanics

First of all, you need to learn the basics of the game, if ever you are pretty new at video poker. Basically, the casino player’s objective in the game is to beat the machine by acquiring a hand that is listed on the payout table. The machine will initially deal the player five cards, from which the player can choose which ones to keep and which ones to discard. Right after the player has chosen, the machine will then deal the same number of cards that the player discarded, and the player will then be paid out depending on the table. It seems pretty easy, but without proper knowledge of the online casino game and a good strategy, you will lose in the long run.


Discarding Some, Keeping Some

The gameplay basically revolves around the discarding of the cards. You have to choose which ones to get rid of. With that said, you really have to know which cards are worth something and which ones are not. Of course, if you are dealt cards that already pay out, the online casino game notifies you, and you should not get rid of them. You should only get rid of non winning cards, except for a number of exceptions.


Do No Discard If…

There are a number of non winning cards that you really should not discard since they give a chance for you to win something better once you are dealt the second set of cards. With that said, you should not get rid of four card flushes, four card straights, low pairs, single high cards, four card royal flushes, and so on. Of course, you will still have the chance of getting the wrong second set of cards, but if you do get the card you are waiting for, you are in for a big payout. Overall, you should memorize what to keep by heart in order to have a bigger shot at winning.

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